Fortuny Museum reopening

After the reopening to the public of the ground floor and the first floor of the Fortuny Museum on 9 March 2022, following essential conservation work and a complete refurbishment, on Wednesday 26 October the second floor will also reopen to the public.

In these spaces, designed by Pier Luigi Pizzi, are Mariano Fortuny’s studios, revealing all his abilities, skills and arts – a ‘behind the scenes’ of his creations.

The Pesaro degli Orfei Palace, originally owned by the homonymous Venetian family, was turned into an atelier by Mariano Fortuny and his wife Henriette. The attic on the top floor became an actual workshop where the couple handcrafted fabrics, garments and lamps and where Fortuny dedicated himself to the many disciplines he was fascinated with: from photography, to painting, up theatrical and home lighting. Their atelier soon became a landmark for international guests and clients, who came to look closely at the craftsmanship and creative ability of the Spanish artist and his wife, and to purchase the must-have handmade pieces they produced.
A small treasure chest in the heart of Venice, whose wonders seemed doomed to be forgotten, if Henriette herself had not donated it to the city in 1956 after her husband’s death.
Today the Fortuny Palace is one of the most evocative museums in Venice, located in Campo San Beneto, periodically hosting exhibitions and installations.

To plan a visit, consult its official website:

Fortuny Museum
S. Marco, 3958
30124 Venice VE

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