Golden Flower

Set in an opulent and exclusive dining room, Golden Flower celebrates the life of the historic Cantonese Qing dynasty official Tan Zongjun with the authentic flavors of China’s interior — Tan, Lu (Shandong), and Sichuan. Designed by Wynn Macau’s Executive Vice President of Wynn Design and Development Roger Thomas, Golden Flower’s interior reflects the exquisite, intimate nature of Tan cuisine, which was originally enjoyed in Tan’s courtyard home in Beijing.

Thomas has created a venue that reflects China’s historic influence on the world, including a tea lounge and reception room that is inspired by a room from the home of British tycoon Frederick Leyland known as the “Peacock Room,” on permanent display at Washington D.C.’s Freer Gallery of Art. Other extravagant touches include a red-and-white cloisonné mosaic floor from Ravenna, Italy and Fortuny light fixtures that borrow the aesthetic of Chinese silk lanterns.

Golden Flower Chef Team: Shi Wei Dong, Master Liu Guo Zhu, Chen Hai Song, Zhang Xiao Xin, Bai Ying, Liu Jie, Wang Yong, Ren Jie

Fortuny custom made silk Scheherazade with metal ring and Cesendello lamps @ Golden Flower Restaurant, Wynn Macau

Location: Rua Cidade de Sintra, NAPE, Macau
Project type: restaurant
Design: Roger Thomas
Photo: courtesy of Wynn Macau and Russell MacMasters