House of Rock

Voilà, another showcase house is born when the House of Rock launches in Santa Monica on Saturday night. There may be no better attention-getting way to flip a property like the 1926 that designer Elaine Culotti purchased two years ago.

The 10,000-square-foot home, on almost 2 acres of golf-course-adjacent real estate, was designed by Elmer Grey (architect of the Beverly Hills Hotel, among other places) and had been inhabited by actress-singer Kathryn Grayson from 1945 until her death in 2010. Culotti, owner of the design firm Porta Bella, was already experienced in buying and renovating Southern California homes. This was her 12th.

Culotti christened it the House of Rock and invited designers such as Ralph Pucci, David Bromstad and Sami Hayek to explore the notion of “marrying not just rock but all kinds of music to lifestyle and classical architecture.”

Fortuny glass Scudo Saraceno lamp with metal ring @ House of Rock Santa Monica

Location: Santa Monica, USA
Project type: private house
Design: Elmer Grey
Photo: courtesy of Elaine Culotti